I'd actually been photographing in the forest nearby before we stopped lakeside. It was time for cup of tea and a bite to eat, we thought we sit off on the large flat rocks that lie just off shore, which are easily accessible and offer wonderful panoramic views of the lake.
I wasn?t intending to take any photographs but even though it was 12.30 pm the light wasn?t too harsh and the incoming weather front started to interest me, as always I set up the camera gear and started taking shots at different focal lengths, speeds and apertures. I obviously did a few long exposures as that is my thing and even though I?ve not looked at them yet I?m sure I?ve done wonderful things with the sky and surface of the lake. Yet this place I spend a lot of time; I come here to chill, re-balance and to get inspired and on this day we had the lake to ourselves, no day trippers or holiday makers just us. So I wanted a capture of the lake as it was, when we were sitting there drinking our tea and eating our salad wraps with not a care in the world!